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Anti-gay Christian Joey Hensley is as moral as usual

March 18, 2017

When the chicken squawks loudest, gonna lay a big egg! — Steve Taylor, Christian singer (lyrics from “Guilty by Association”)

That pretty much describes righteous, godly, “family values” Pentecostal Christian, Senator Joey Hensley in the United States. This holy man — who, incidentally, has now been revealed to have had an extramarital affair with someone who is 1) his colleague at work, 2) his patient, and 3) his second cousin — has been vigorously devoted to destroying the families and lives of others.

‘Family values’ anti-gay politician accused of affair with his own cousin

Joey Hensley

This crusader gets around his own sins (as he would call them if they were committed by others) by saying that he didn’t technically break the law. All the while seeming to think that the divine law he purports to follow only actually applies to other people.

Isn’t he a gem?


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