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First African Baptist Church Loves its Ten Percent Belief Tax

August 12, 2015

Sure, holy men of the First African Baptist Church of Bainbridge, Georgia. Kick a 92-year-old woman out of the congregation she has supported (both financially and in many other ways) for fifty years. And why? Because she hasn’t been able to pay your 10% Belief Tax lately. Shut-in and sick and unable to attend church for a while (she’s 92, people!!), Josephine King hasn’t been forking over any cash, all that time, the selfish, greedy bitch. So kick her out, milk of human kindness practitioners!

Let me guess. You holy men of the First African Baptist Church undoubtedly also rear up in high dudgeon, screaming that the government has no right to tax you, it’s your money, you’ve earned it, and taxation is theft! I just bet you do.

But that ten percent Belief Tax, well now, hold on. That’s something completely different. Of course it is. That’s other people’s cash. You’ve got a right to it. To hell with this “freely given” nonsense.

As reported on the Friendly Atheist blog, Church Kicks Out 92-Year-Old Woman for Not Tithing. As the original news story on KFVS news said,

“Josephine King is no longer considered a member of the First African Baptist Church of Bainbridge, Georgia,” read Gerald Simmons, as he skimmed over the letter addressed to his aunt.

The letter, signed by Senior Pastor Derrick Mike [shaming emphasis mine], stated that Ms. King “has shown non-support” towards the church in the areas of “constant and consistent financial and physical participation.”

“She was stunned. She was disappointed. She was shocked,” said Simmons.

No kidding. And Ms. King’s nephew went on to say,

“You have to have money to make these churches run, but it’s not about money,” Simmons said. “It’s about God. You have to put God first.”

Oh, pshaw, Mr. Simmons. You know that Jesus Christ and the temple moneychangers were best buds. Thick as thieves. Right?

When this greedy, capitalism-ist, money-grubbing “church” rescinds its policy (now that they’ve been publically shamed), I hope that 1) Ms. King recognizes the excuse story they plan to spin for what it is and 2) never goes back, and deprives this whited sepulchre of her cash forever.

The whited sepulchre, First African Missionary Baptist Church, Bainbridge, Georgia

The Whited Sepulchre itself

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