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Religious Violence “Might be Needed” — But only, apparently, Christian violence

January 10, 2015

Apparently, religious violence is only a good thing for Christians to perform. A former Calgary pastor earnestly describes how he punched a kid in the chest for not taking God seriously. (Or, as the pastor oh-so-grammatically says, “for not taking the Lord serious.” Never mind the violence — yay for good English from a role model. /sarcasm)

Here are two things we can take away from this pastor’s account:

  1. The kid being “bright” (that is, very intelligent) “made him more dangerous.” (“Dangerous??” Excuse me, but the kid wasn’t the one punching someone in the chest!)
  2. Sometimes the violence of an adult punching a kid in the chest “might be needed.”


He virtually brags about it: “I walked over to him, and I went BAM!! I punched him in the chest as hard as I — I crumpled the kid. I just crumpled ‘im.” You can just see this man’s enjoyment as he recounts his act of forceful prowess. He loved doing it, and he loves telling people what a man he was. For God, you understand.

Have a look. Watch his body language:


So you wonder what other types of action this pastor might eventually recommend to make young people “take the Lord more serious.” Raising them to be as dumb as you can, so they’re not “dangerous” to your Christian work? How about punching an adult who doesn’t “take your God serious?” How about shooting him?

Can you imagine, can you just imagine what Christian pastors would be screaming from their pulpits if they heard about Muslim imams bullying young men into becoming Muslims by punching them in the chest?? In fact, they already do shriek (correctly) about the Taliban and al Qaeda and ISIS doing exactly the same sort of thing.

The only difference between this pastor and any Taliban imam–or, for that matter, the recent assassins in Paris–is degree. Not kind. “Disrespect my religion, don’t take my deity/prophet/beliefs ‘serious,’ and I will do violence upon you.” They have exactly the same attitudes. It’s just wrong when an adherent of the other religion does it — but not when they do it.

They all sing exactly the same tune. Only the deities are different.

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