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Pat Robertson Projects his own Strategy onto “The Gays” and is Horrified

August 4, 2014

Poor senile Pat Robertson. Apparently, if heterosexuals don’t “conform” to “the gays” (whatever “conform” means), then the gays want to kick all right-thinking people out of America. (Have a gander at this little blurb: Pat Robertson says the gays will kick you out of America if you don’t sleep with them)

No, dear Pat. It’s you and your ilk who want to kick the gays out of America if they don’t “conform” to you and your agenda.

I assure you, old man, “the gays” will never, ever try to force you or any other heterosexual to sleep with them. (They are repulsed by the thought, I assure you.) Even though you won’t extend them the same courtesy, of not trying to force them to sleep with your kind.

It seems to me, Pat, that you are the ones pushing this agenda that has you so horrified. If it sounds awful when it’s applied to you (even though it never actually would be), it’s crystal clear how awful it is when you apply it to them (which you are actually trying to do).

Projection is a fascinating thing, Pat. Perhaps you know what a horrible agenda you’re living by, and you can’t really live with it, so you have to project it onto others to try to get it out of your own head. But hey. THAT DOESN’T WORK. It’s you who are the totalitarians, Robertson. And you’re whining because people are not letting you rule them. Wah!

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