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Archbishop Knew Sex Abuse of Kids was a Crime, Whatever He Says Now

June 11, 2014

Archbishop Robert J. Carlson handled sex abuse cases in Minnesota for 15 years. And he is now categorizing the mishandling of cases as “a mistake,” saying, “Obviously, based on some 25 years later, I would do it differently.” (St. Louis Archbishop Carlson claims to be uncertain if he knew sexual abuse was a crime) But as he recently gave a deposition in a priest sexual abuse case scheduled to be tried on July 7, 2014, he continually claimed that he wasn’t sure whether or not he knew that sexual abuse of children was a crime. Despite the fact that, you know, there’s a memo showing that he knew about it, all right. He knew enough about it to know when the statute of limitations ran out on this sort of thing. Oh yes, that’s being “not sure,” isn’t it?

God (apparently) forbid that he actually use his conscience.

Have a peek at the last paragraph of this memo: Bishop Carlson memo – 1984. Yeah, he knew, all right.

Oh, what handy memory gaps you have!

Oh, what handy memory gaps you have!


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  1. mark1147 permalink
    June 13, 2014 10:32 pm

    Handy memory gaps, indeed! Kinda hard to defend your on-the-job performance, even with memory gaps, when you’ve said in a contemporaneous memo that you’re aware of the statute of limitations on the alleged crime.

    The Father of Lies should be undertaking a major expansion of the appropriate circle about now, as there seems to be a rather large contingent enroute to him that will need a permanent (as in eternal) residence there. Although I’d pay good money to see Pope Francis take a whack at this guy and his ilk first!

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