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Strong Rock Christian Academy Boys are Weak…so the GIRL Gets Kicked Off the Team

June 25, 2013
Patrick Stuart

“Some Pigs are More Equal Than Others” – or something like that

In about the hundred billionth reprise of the philosophy that boys should never be taught to grow up, take responsibility for themselves, and gain maturity and self-control, a twelve-year-old girl is being penalized for how Strong Rock Christian Academy boys are going to think about her.

She has been disallowed from trying out for the seventh-grade football team (even though Madison Baxter has been playing football for more than four years and made the sixth-grade team) because they might have “impure thoughts” about her. (For more detail, see the article, 12-Year-Old Girl Kicked Off Football Team Because Boys Had ‘Impure Thoughts’ About Her.)

A note or two to Strong Rock Christian Academy school administrator Patrick Stuart (what a shame that he shares the same-sounding name with an actor with way more understanding of how to treat women than he has):

  1. The boys are gonna have those impure thoughts, about Madison or any other girl in the school, whether she’s on the football team or not. It’s a’gonna happen, Patrick. It’s called puberty. You’re not going to prevent it by discriminating against her.
  2. The boys are responsible for their own actions, Patrick. Or they would be, if you taught them to be in the middle of a touchy situation and work through it. That’s called “growing up,” Pat.
  3. Your damn school is called Strong Rock. You don’t get strong muscles by avoiding ever lifting anything heavy. And you don’t get strong character by avoiding anything that will ever test your character and make you learn to do the right thing. How weak do you want those boys to be in their lives, Patrick?? What kind of teacher are you, really, that you want them to hide from anything that will test them?
  4. You are, in essence, a male chauvinist pig. Which is kind of appropriate, given your remark that “men and women are created equal but different.” I remember a totalitarian fable called Animal Farm that used the same sort of logic to justify the people in power maintaining their own power at the expense of others: “Some pigs are more equal than others.”

This is favouritism and discrimination, pure and simple. And Patrick, you used the boys’ weaknesses as your excuse for the discrimination! The boys must be so proud to have their weakness plastered all over the news, to justify discrimination. You’re teaching ’em a real life lesson, there, guy.

Actor Patrick Stewart with a sign reading

Learn a few lessons from this guy, Patrick. Sheesh!


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  1. mark1147 permalink
    June 25, 2013 1:16 pm

    I sure hope this idiot would be mortified to know that he’s in precisely the same class as imams and mullahs who point to “impure thoughts” as the reason for limiting Muslim women’s roles in every walk of life. Bigots like him (and them) won’t EVER be satisfied — even chadors and burkas aren’t enough to dispel those “impure thoughts”, because even with very strict limits on women’s roles (e.g. no driving, no appearing outside the home without husband or other adult male relative), the bigots’ focus is on precisely the wrong target: it’s the *men* who are unable to control themselves!

    And the bigots always live in fear that their women’s very existence will prompt “impurity” in other men. What a fine prescription for a community or society permeated by universal mistrust and suspicion, preventing or diminishing the kind of teamwork and cooperation that functional societies require.

    Let’s hope this Atlanta asshole’s spouse sees his game and raises him a ‘Lysistrata’ move!

  2. mark1147 permalink
    June 25, 2013 1:21 pm

    Dang, I left out a connecting phrase. At the start of the 2nd graf, I should have inserted “And deep down all these bigots know the truth of who’s really to blame here: the bigots always live …” etc.

    /tardy editor

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