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Whited Sepulchre Allen West Equates the Military and Rape — and Defends Both

June 7, 2013

Poor little godly Allen West apparently can’t control his dick. And other military men shouldn’t have to. He’s just fine with that.

Have a look at this account of his recent radio interview with Michael Savage: American Torture-Hero Allen West Not Really Buying This Whole ‘Military Rape’ Thing (Girls Ruin Everything). It seems that by insisting that military men not rape women in the military, those “Khmer Rouge feminists” (WAT?) are trying to stage a “coup” and take over the military. By wanting to stop the literally thousands of sexual assaults that American military men commit against American military women, “liberals” are apparently interfering with “good order and discipline.” (WAT?) They are making “an assault against the United States military.”

So…trying to end the raping is an “assault against the military.” Meaning that the two things are the same thing. Rape and the military are identical.

And Allen West is just fine with that. Apparently, men’s impulse to use their penises or other body parts violently against women is what it means to be in the military.

Just peachy. As a friend wrote in response to this horror, “Why aren’t men rising up and telling these people that they may not be able to control their dicks, but others can?” Indeed. These men’s “right” to use their dicks to commit violence against women is apparently sacrosanct. Why can’t those damn women stop “attacking” them and understand that?

Incidently. This entity Allen West calls itself a Christian.

Jesus doing a facepalm

‘Cause Jesus would rape just. like. that. to keep the military sacred.

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