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Religion-based countries fight protection for women. Surprise, surprise.

March 7, 2013


Iranian President and Catholic cardinal shaking hands

Happy bedfellows and allies against women

True colours are being revealed (again!) by several organizations and countries that are opposing attempts by a United Nations conference to enshrine legal protections for women and children. Note this article: Vatican, Iran resist U.N. efforts to fight abuse of women: “The Vatican, Iran and other religious states are resisting efforts by a U.N. conference, which started Monday, to demand tougher global standards to prevent violence against women and children.”

And exactly why is the Vatican getting into bed with its good friend, Iran, you ask? Guess. C’mon, it’s easy–guess!

Diplomats said the Holy See, Iran and Russia are leading attempts to wipe out language in a final statement that says religion, custom or tradition must not be used as an excuse to avoid a government’s obligation to eliminate violence. They have also opposed references to rape by a woman’s husband or partner, diplomats said.

Well, then. If you don’t want to forbid religion, custom, or tradition from being used to abuse women–that can only mean that you want to allow it to be used to abuse women if the occurrence arises. And, added to the agreement on that point, between the saintly Vatican, kindly Iran, and Putin’s very nice, Orthodox Russia, they clearly want to allow any husband or partner of a woman the freedom to rape her as he pleases, with no recourse or help for the woman.

What decent human beings all these men are! NOT.

Rather, what evil, festering penis-worshipers and self-worshippers these men are, willing to use any religious or traditional argument to own women as their personal property, deny women human equality, and get anything they fucking want. In other words, just your typical “entitled male” day.

No hell — Catholic or Islamic or Russian Orthodox — is hot enough for these fiends.

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  1. mark1147 permalink
    March 7, 2013 3:27 pm

    Brava, Phyl! Well put — and how striking it is to realize these male supremacists are such close political bedfellows on this issue, despite all their other political differences. (Now, if these cats really wanna do penis-worship right, I’d be glad to offer some pointers from my checkered past on Folsom St. in SanFran, or at the Saint in NYC … hee!)

    • March 9, 2013 4:06 pm

      Ha! I can see it now: “PENIS-WRSHIP; UR DOIN IT RONG.” 😀

  2. troy hotchkiss permalink
    April 18, 2013 5:22 pm

    Phyl – I claim to be a “fundamentalist”; e.g., the Bible is the inerrant Word of God and salvation comes only through a personal commitment/surrender to Jesus Christ; kinda Southern Baptist but w/o the BS. So I’m wondering,…..

    I’ve only read a smattering of your posts and agree with WHAT you are saying most of the time, decrying hypocrisy and false ideology, but certainly not HOW you are saying it.

    So…ARE you a Christian or not??? Your “qualifications” give no “qualifications” only another angry screed against those that need “screeding”….but not in a very Christ-like way. Where do you stand?

    • April 18, 2013 5:28 pm

      I was a very devout Christian till I was thirty-eight. But I always believed in following evidence. And every bit of evidence I’ve seen in the last almost two decades has convinced me more and more and more that this is a series of stories from a Bronze Age tribe in the Middle East from three thousand years ago, which bizarrely, some people still think are true. But there is no more evidence for the truth of these stories than there is for the stories about Horis, Isis, and Set or Odin, Freya, and Frey.

      Instead, I see people using these stories to destroy other people — usually contradicting their own Scriptures. So I finally decided to chronicle some of these atrocities. Hold up a mirror to them. And remind them that according to their own Scriptures, they themselves regularly show themselves to be on the wrong side. And if their God did exist, he himself would laugh at them at the gates of their paradise if they approached and expected to be let in.

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