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So Christlike Catholic Church hates Women so Much they will Quit Serving the Poor Rather than Allow Birth Control

May 23, 2012

Because this is exactly what Jesus would do. To hell with the poor, if he could deny women any freedom or control of their lives.

It seems to me that this is the definition of evil. One might understand why fundamentalist churches consider the Catholic Church to be the prophetic Whore of Babylon — if they themselves didn’t totally agree.

When, oh when, will federal governments completely revoke the tax-exempt status of these primarily political organizations masquerading as religions??

[Update: the embedding link to the MSNBC video no longer works. The video showed footage of a Catholic leader quite seriously threatening to stop helping the poor if the church is “forced” to allow health insurance companies that cover their employees to offer birth control to women who wanted it. Then the reporters discussed the implications of the church trying to control public policy by using this sort of blackmail.]


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