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Islamic, Christian fundamentalists: the hate is identical

May 17, 2012
Mohammed Hasnath, the Muslim anti-gay bigot

Mohammed Hasnath

How surprising–NOT–that fundamentalist terrorism and hatred of gay people go so happily hand-in-hand. Fundamentalists love to slip from hatred for other people for their differences to wanting them dead. Christian, Muslim, both sides of the identical coin.

First there was Mohammed Hasnath, a British Muslim who pasted “Gay Free Zone” stickers throughout London. He’s been sent to jail for just over a year for possessing Al-Qaeda propaganda.

Manny Pacquiao, the Catholic anti-gay bigot

Manny Pacquiao

Then there was the Catholic professional boxer, Manny Pacquiao, who quoted the Bible about how unnatural it was for men to lie together and said that gay men should be “put to death.” (And you just know he secretly yearns to be God’s executioner!) He doesn’t seem to think the biblical prohibition of adultery is that big a deal, though–since he’s doing it.

As usual, Christian fundies and Muslim fundies are identical. Twins. Brethren in hate.

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