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Jesus has apparently changed his mind about those religious sales people in the temple

May 10, 2012

The sellers and buyers in the temple in Jesus’s time–you know, the people who sold religious paraphernalia to religious people, making piles of money from turning God into a merchandise opportunity–must be petitioning Jesus for redress right about now. Given that Jesus’s most vociferous, publically insistent, and enthusiastic followers have embraced those money changers’ practices with every fibre of their being.

Voila: “Protected by Jesus Christ” yard signs. You read that correctly. Yard signs.

A lawn sign for sale boasting to neighbors that Jesus protects your house

Selling Jesus crap for twenty-five bucks a pop

As if these loudmouth fundamentalists don’t shove their sky pal down everyone else’s throat quite loudly or in-your-face enough, now you will be forced to endure these landscape eyesores yelling the message at you too. Unless you drive by with your eyes closed, or keep your living room curtains pulled.

One wonders how many of these folks, boasting that the creator of the universe is watching their house, nyah…how many of them do not lock their doors when they’re not home. You know, because their watchgod is on the job. How many of them in his benevolent protection recognize that, clearly, they don’t need life insurance or home insurance or health insurance. Because indeed — clearly — if this boast is true, they genuinely don’t need any of that.

And the moment they lock their doors when they leave the house? They are demonstrating to their God their lack of faith, for all their boasting.

And these Whited Sepulchres making twenty-five bucks a pop off of believers’ gullibility and desire to religiously and simultaneously boast and sneer at their neighbours? Obviously, when Jesus drove them out of the temple, they moved straight into the church instead.

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