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Catholic Church — like every bloated corporation — worries about defending image rather than helping people it’s hurt

February 6, 2012

More evidence that the Roman Catholic church is nothing more than a gigantic multi-national corporation — and handles its PR exactly like one. Take note of this article: Memos Show Catholic Archdioce Kept Abusive Priest’s Pedophilia Under Wraps.

This archiocese’s primary worry? That the mother of the two (two!) abused boys would become “a pest” if she knew where the child-abusing priest was getting treatment.

Yep. Jesus Christ — who, incidentally, this bloated, self-serving corporation pretends to speak for — sure believed in keeping things under wraps and preventing those who had been wronged from becoming “pests.” Jesus just hated those kids who threatened to upset his sweet theological deal, didn’t he?

Um…didn’t he?

there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known – Matthew 10:26

Jesus and the Children, LA Cathedral Mausoleum



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