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Vatican Shows it’s as Corporatist as Other Corporatist Oligarchs

January 27, 2012
Pope Benedict XVI

(Photo courtesy Flickr user Beyond Forgetting)

The Vatican is apparently just as subject to bribery and corruption as every other corporation. And surprise, surprise, it’s ┬ájust as likely to punish whistle blowers and cover up the corruption as corporations, too. (Naturally this will come as no surprise whatsoever, to anyone who doesn’t live under a rock, and knows about those poor altar boys and other children…)

See this article: Corruption scandal shakes Vatican as internal letters leaked.

The Vatican was shaken by a corruption scandal Thursday after an Italian television investigation said a former top official had been transferred against his will after complaining about irregularities in awarding contracts.

And what was that Vatican’s response? Was it good Christian repentance, confession, and restitution?

The Vatican issued a statement Thursday criticizing the “methods” used in the journalistic investigation. But it confirmed that the letters were authentic by expressing “sadness over the publication of reserved documents.”

Right. What they’re so sorry about is that someone found out.

As Keith Olbermann┬ásaid, when he posted the link, “Another example of “religious” hypocrisy. Why do these people pretend they are holy?”

Why, indeed?

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