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Judeo-Christian Whited Sepulchres Devise Their Theology With Their Penises

January 3, 2012

As I said. No hell hot enough. (Photo courtesy Wikipedia contributor Janne Karaste)

Come let us sing.

Let us sing of the Christian pastor (oh so Christlike) who would prefer a young woman be murdered rather than be raped and survive it in a non-virginal state. As described here: Pastor to rape victim: “He should have killed you. At least you’d have died a virgin.”

Note that it is far more important to this godly Christian pastor what goes on between the young woman’s legs(**) than that she has been attacked and needs comfort and needs help in rebuilding her life. Nope. It would be better for her to die, in this Christian demon’s eyes, than to be attacked by someone else and live on in a non-virginal state.

Guess what he’s thinking with! No — the other head.

There is no hell hot enough. And I’m not talking about her.

And speaking of devout, holy, and religious men creating their theology with their penises: The eight-year- old girl called a whore by Israel’s Jewish religious hardliners.

An eight-year-old girl.

These devout religious men are so weak, terrified, and lust-centred that they are afraid of an eight-year-old girl.

See above, re: no hell hot enough. And the sooner, the better. And I hope we get to watch.

(** I still remember, when I was fourteen or fifteen, being in church when a young woman I knew “had to get married” because she had had sex with her boyfriend one time, and got pregnant. She “had to marry him,” being from an evangelical Christian family, to “make it right.” And, incidentally, thus followed a very unhappy and unpleasant marriage which it took her a couple of decades finally to escape. But meanwhile, I sat looking at her in that church, thinking, “They’re treating her as though what she did was worse than if she had murdered someone.” I was absolutely right. These people are much more horrified at what goes on between the legs than at any other far more heinous sin. They are the ones obsessed with sex. Not others. Them.)

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