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Mike Huckabee: Not Ethnic CLEANSING so much as Ethnic Tidying

March 9, 2011

Mike Huckabee advocates ethnic cleansing

Whited Sepulchre and wishy-washy ethnic cleanser, Mike Huckabee

American evangelical minister Mike Huckabee is unfaithful to the Old Testament. I mean, by golly, when God wanted to give that land to the Israelites, he really cleared it out — ethnic cleansing all the way, baby! Don’t just kill the people — kill all their animals too, dammit! Though occasionally the Israelites could keep virgin women for other purposes, nudgenudge, winkwink.


But not full-fledged ethnic cleansing for Mike Huckabee. The damn heathen — he models his policies more on the ancient Assyrians, or ancient Babylonians. He has no problem with the fact that many of the current Palestinians were displaced from their longstanding ancestral homes when the land was ethnically cleared to make way for the Israelites (again). In fact, he likes the idea of displacing people from their homes so much that he wants to do it to the Palestinians a third time.

Let’s just round up those pesky, inconvenient Palestinians the way the ancient Assyrians and Babylonians did to the Jews back in ancient times — displacing the entire population this third time for the convenience of the Israelites. I mean, turnabout is only fair play, right? As it says in this article — Huckabee says no Palestinian state in West Bank:

Huckabee suggested that a Palestinian state were [sic] to be established, it shouldn’t come at Israel’s expense.

Indeed not. It should come at the Palestinians’ expense. As it always, always does.

But I tell you, the man’s a damn heathen. Because he’s copying the Assyrians and Babylonians, and only proposing taking an entire population captive — pardon me, relocating them for Israel’s convenience — instead of doing the God-commanded, biblical thing — KILLING THEM ALL.

‘Cause you know that’s exactly what Jesus would do.

[Thanks to Chana for the post title]

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