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Army Chaplains Want Civil Discrimination or They’ll Quit

December 9, 2010

Have a look at this NPR report: Chaplains Worry About Careers if ‘Don’t Ask’ is Lifted.

[Ronald] Crews is one of 66 retired chaplains who sent a letter urging President Obama to retain don’t ask, don’t tell. Active duty chaplains have also complained anonymously. One said in a Pentagon survey that the

Likes atheists just fine, but those gays - ick!

change creates an “unavoidable conflict” with his ability to preach and teach the Bible. Another asked whether chaplains would be forced to integrate gay soldiers into family ministry.

Daniel Blomberg, an attorney for the conservative legal group Alliance Defense Fund, wonders: What if a soldier confides to a chaplain that he’s gay?

“What happens when the chaplain responds according to the dictates of his faith and says that type of behavior — like other types of sexual sins — is not in accordance with God’s will?” he says.

Several evangelical chaplains are making a fuss about the American forces having open gays and lesbians serving in the military. They believe that they (the chaplains) will suddenly be discriminated against because they disagree with the existence of homosexuals.

The funny thing is that these very same chaplains are not demanding that atheists be drummed out of the American forces. Nor people who live with someone to whom they are not married. Nor someone who is religious but is not, in fact, a Christian. Nor anyone who has had a baby out of wedlock. Nor anyone who has committed adultery.

And yet all of those things — yes, ALL of those things — are regarded as sinful by those same chaplains. Atheism, in fact, is the most sinful of all, being the most clear, outright rejection of their deity. Yet the chaplains are willing that atheists should continue serving in the military.

And for some mystifying reason, those chaplains are quite willing to continue serving in the American forces themselves, despite being surrounded by sinners of every stripe. Except those damn homosexuals — who are already there, but the chaplains just don’t want to know about it.

It’s only the gay people these chaplains hate enough that they want to keep denying them their civil rights, just so the chaplains face no moral conflicts. Either that, or the chaplains somehow regard the army — a civil organization, NOT A BLOODY CHURCH — as their own personal religious institution.

Dear chaplains: read up on the difference between a civil institution and a state church, and get back to us, m’kay? And remember that Jesus guy, and his talk about the first stone, and stuff like that? Maybe you should read that too. And then go have dinner with a few publicans and sinners.



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